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Oni Camber Adjustable Top Hat


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For Double Wishbone Suspension platforms, efficient negative camber is gained by adjusting upper control arms to reposition the spindle inwards. In most cars, too much negative camber will result in the spindle colliding with the air suspension or coilovers. Our adjustable Oni Camber top hat allows Air Suspension or Coilovers to move inwards then allowing more Upper Control Arm adjustability.

These plates come as a full kit with all hardware needed to convert double wishbone solid mount “non-adjustable” tophats to pillowball adjustable camber plates.

Oni Camber Top Hats are compatible with the following suspension manufacturers:

BC-RacingNA Coilovers
Megan Racing Coilovers
Broadway Static Coilovers
Fortune Auto Coilovers
Broadway Pneumatic Air Struts
AirLift Air Struts
ISC Coilovers

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